Sacred Moon Circles & Cacao Ceremonies.

Sacred Cacao Heart Offerings;

Hello Radiant Ones, I hope you are well.

I’ve been working really hard in the past few months to bring together fresh new offerings to include the beautiful plant medicine Cacao within my work and would love to share these here with you;


Dailiy Spiritdance and Cacao Ceremony;

I love to dance with Cacao and greet my day with an open heart,  if this calls to you I run morning Spirit dance sessions with Cacao Ceremony Mon – Friday at 7.45am to incorporate Cacao into your daily Spiritual Practice;

Sacred Moon Circles;

I offer fortnightly Sacred Moon Sister Circles with Shares, Journaling, Cacao Ceremony & Spiritdance, with a closing blessing and meditation every second Sunday 7pm – 9pm  as close to the New and Full Moons as possible.

1 hour Personalized 1-1  Cacao Ceremonies;

I will create a Ceremony just for you, to honour where you are right now, a few examples,  to bless a new business project, a release ceremony to complete the ending cycle of a relationship, a letting go ceremony, a grief ceremony, a birth ceremony, celebrate you ceremony and anything you want to honour in your life at this time.

I will hold the space for you and your personal Ceremony;
We will start with a opening blessing and arrival, a Cacao ceremony and a Meditation journey, finishing with a closing prayer.

3 hour Personalized Kali Transformational Spiritdance & Cacao Ceremony;

This is a deep dive  for those who wish to experience the extraordinary essence of Cacao combined with the fierce and loving energy of Kali Maa.

The two energies balancing and harmonizing together is a beautiful space to be held in.

To walk with Cacao is to be gently and lovingly guided back to your heart and into the state of loving bliss.

To walk with Kali Maa is be shown the Truth.
We begin with an arrival – A journaling session and Cacao Ceremony to create your intention.
Followed with a Spiritdance session where you will cover your eyes and move into dance in your own personal space.

Ending with a guided Meditation and integration circle with closing prayer.


I would Love to hold this beautiful space for you in Love & Light xx

For more information please email me