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The Yoga, Energy & Sound Academy, Unit 20, Selby Business Center, Ousegate, Selby YO8 4NN

Take Time For You…
Taking time out for yourself is not a luxury …. it’s absolutely essential for your health and general well being.
Over the years, we have come to realize that regular, good quality relaxation is a vital part of your self care regime. It underpins everything else that you do. So we have created a calm, nurturing space.
Somewhere wonderful to chill out. Our schedule of activities are designed to de-stress you, and lift the burdens of modern life.
We specialize in helping people experiencing burn out to cope with conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, MS, ME and other auto-immune conditions.
We also host regular classes and events for those looking to experience a little ‘me time’.
Andrea & Craig …are the founders of the Yoga, Energy & Sound Academy. They have pooled their skills and resources and brought their respective businesses under one roof. Andrea has over 12 years experience of teaching Yoga and was practicing daily Yoga 10 years prior to that. Andrea is also a Reiki Master, Qualified Meditation Teacher, and has studied many holistic therapies. Andrea also teaches Belly Dance. Craig is a professionally qualified Sound Therapy Practitioner and holds qualifications in Mindfulness & Meditation. Craig also offers Reiki sessions.
On offer at the academy will be: Elemental Yoga UK – Yoga Teacher Training Foundation Certificate in Sound Healing Practitioner Diploma in Sound Therapy Reiki Training Courses Plus many workshops, special events and regular weekly classes.
Gentle, Nurturing Yoga.
Elemental Yoga is soft, flowing and gentle bringing you back in to touch with self care. We host Yin and Restorative Yoga. We look forward to welcoming your to our quirky little relaxation space.
Reiki & Holistic Therapy.
We offer a selection of therapies. All with one aim. Complete relaxation.
Sound Therapy.
Our professionally qualified Sound Practitioner can lull you into deep relaxation, or work with you on deeper levels (such as removing emotional baggage).
Sound Therapy is classified as a low risk complementary therapy.
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