Spiritdance Daily & Elemental Yoga UK Classes


Spiritdance Daily:

This week we’ve been connecting with our bodies and dancing for the joy of dancing in Spiritdance.

Spiritdance begins with a gentle arrival Meditation followed by a warm up with eyes closed  then moves into Free dance to a selected Playlist with eyes closed or covered.

This is such an uplifting start to the day, raising your vibration and connect with your Spirit, like a moving Meditation.

If you’ve been feeling a bit sluggish and stagnant and fancy getting up and moving your body, increasing circulation, increasing the movement of blood and nutrients around your body, calming your mind, increasing energy and generally revitalizing your body and connecting with your Spirit.

Create a sense of Freedom and to let your Spirit fly.

Also, if you would love to create a deeper sense of Spiritual practice, we will be meeting a little earlier everyday at 7.45am with a mini Cacao Ceremony to begin our dance,  or –  join us each day at 8am Monday – Friday for Spirit dance Daily.

“Through free movement, we remember our essence as love;
Our dance becomes a prayer, an inner dance to honour the feminine spirit within us.”
Radiant Woman

Elemental Yoga Tuesdays at 9am

Bedtime Yoga  Tuesday & Yin Yoga Wed 8pm – 9pm

(Drop in is totally welcomed! )

For links email me andrea291@hotmail.co.uk

All welcome – Suitable for all.

Suggested Prices for single sessions.

Sliding Scale £5 – £7 per Spiritdance, Yoga or Tribal Dance Class.

£10 – £15 per Circle.

You can  also buy a Monthly unlimited access pass which is a sliding scale depending on your income and what you feel is affordable for you.

Sliding scale of £30 – £60 this includes all Yoga & Dance Classes, Spirit dance Daily , Sacred Feminine Movement sessions and Cacao Sister Circles too.

Elemental Yoga is about using our yoga practice to slow down and move away from the business of our lives, and to experience the sense of stillness that lies within each one of us.

Using yoga, gentle movement and deep rest to revitalize and re- balance your system. Leaving you feeling deeply rested, restored and re-balanced.

Class begins on arrival with a related Doterra Aromatherapy Oil , Hand Mudra and seated warm-up, followed by gentle flowing movements to increase energy flow.

We then move through a lovely sequence and Postures based on an element and focus, moving into floor base postures and finish with a nice long relaxation. You will leave feeling relaxed, recharged and centered.

Elemental Yoga is restorative for your energy levels and balancing for the mind and emotions.

Tune into nature, the seasons, the moon phases and the elements with flowing sequences such as the Sun Salutations, Earth or Moon Salutations, yoga postures and sequences. Combining elemental and yin yoga for a perfectly balanced class for all abilities.

As a culture, we are facing a health crisis from the effects of chronic stress, and the medical system doesn’t have all the answers.

Stress is relieved by learning how to better regulate our nervous system.

You do not need to have practiced Yoga before.

 I encourage you to make relaxation a priority!
Elemental Yoga UK


For safety, we will ask you to complete a  health questionnaire  before class

Please wear loose comfortable clothing

Allow one to two hours after eating before practicing yoga

Mats, blanket for relaxation, cushions, bolsters, straps & blocks provided.

All Elemental Yoga Class Listings in our Studio in Selby 

The Yoga, Energy & Sound Academy

Selby Business Center, Ousegate, Selby, YO8 4NN

Contact Andrea on andrea291@hotmail.co.uk | 07986 375096 for more info.

Can’t make it to Class? Solution: 1-1 Yoga and Meditation.

As part of Radiant Woman, I offer 1-1 yoga and meditation via Zoom in your own home with bespoke 1-hour sessions created around your needs.

£45 per session – £160 for 4 Sessions.

Contact me at andrea291@hotmail.co.uk

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