Sacred Rest Yoga

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Welcome to Sacred Rest Yoga.
Classes built especially for for You.
Empower yourself with my Dru & Yin Yoga classes, specifically focused on Women.

 I encourage you to make relaxation a priority!

Class Listings.


Dru Yoga. 

At St Andrews Church Hall

Church Lane



YO23 2QG

Tuesdays 10am – 11.30am

Tuesdays  7.30pm – 9pm

Thursdays 10am – 11.15am

Fridays 1.30pm – 2.30pm


Yin Yoga.

Wednesdays 5pm – 6.15pm


Booked in 4 week Blocks £36 
To book contact me



Dru Yoga. 

Drop in and chill out with a gentle, flowing, energy based class to help brighten your mood, lift your energy levels and calm your mind.

Includes Sequences, flowing Postures and Deep Relaxation.

Dru Yoga is restorative for your energy levels and balancing for the Mind and Emotions.

Tune into nature and the elements with flowing sequences such as the Sun Salutations, Earth or Moon Salutations, yoga postures & sequences, combining Dru and yin Yoga for a perfectly balanced Class for all abilities.



Yin Yoga.
Sacred Rest is about using our Yoga practice to slow down and move away from the business of our lives and to experience the sense of stillness that lies within each one of us.
Working with aspects of Yin Yoga, gentle movement, Pranayama and deep rest to revitalize and recharge a burnt out system.
Using gentle floor based movement to stretch not only the muscles,but also the deeper fascia, deep connective tissues in the body to free up tight joints and get energy moving freely around the body again.
Leaving you  feeling deeply rested, restored & re-balanced


What are the benefits of a slower Yoga practice?

Emerging research suggests several important benefits of slow, mindful movement practices.

Scientists are starting to understand the benefits slow movement has on important
systems involved in the regulation of energy including:

Improves energy.
Improves energy – Metabolism – The Immune System – The Pain Response System
Body Temperature Regulation – Hormones

If you have low energy or feel fatigued or exhausted, slow movement may help reduce fatigue, nourish your body, and improve your energy.

Slow, mindful Yoga trains your nervous system to build resilience, adapt to stressors, develop greater patience, and improve overall health and wellbeing.

Dealing with Chronic Pain?

Perhaps one of the most exciting developments in recent years regarding the benefits of slow movement is in the field of chronic pain.

Chronic pain has baffled the medical community. It is a growing public health problem. But science is starting to understand that slow, mindful movement can begin to unravel pain signals, reduce sensitization, and reorganize the nervous system. 

This in turn helps to develop a more functional and accurate connection between
the body and mind so that chronic pain is reduced,  this process fosters the “rest and digest” or parasympathetic nervous system response, which is helpful for reducing chronic pain.

Eases symptoms of Depression.

Holger Cramer, a prolific German yoga researcher, suggests that yoga can significantly ease the symptoms of depression. Improves nervous system function Decreases stress hormones Activates attention networks Reduces emotional reactivity Reduces dysfunctional thoughts Enhances positive psychological characteristics Here’s what one of his studies says specifically about the benefits of yoga for depression: Improves nervous system function Decreases stress hormones Activates attention networks Reduces emotional reactivity Reduces dysfunctional thoughts Enhances positive psychological characteristics

Digestion problems?

The Rest and Digest response of the nervous system is essential for digestion. It is a below the-level of consciousness function of the parasympathetic nervous system. Through slow, mindful movement, self compassion, kindness, and prioritizing
self-care, the body can override stress
signals and improve digestion.

Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis?
There is some interesting research suggesting that slow, mindful practice can be beneficial to many chronic conditions. While fast yoga may support cardiovascular fitness, slow yoga practice does something different – it develops “interoceptive awareness,” or the capacity to feel into your body and make good
choices based on a deeper selfunderstanding.

As a culture, we are facing a health crisis from the effects of chronic stress, and the medical system doesn’t have all the answers.

Stress is relieved by learning how to better regulate your nervous system.

You do not need to have practiced Yoga before.
All mats, bolsters, eye pillows and pure wool blankets are provided so all you need to bring is yourself.

I look forward to meeting you on the mat.
With Love & thanks xx


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Can’t make it to Class?  Solution – 1-1 Yoga & Meditation.

As part of Radiant Woman, I offer 1-1 Yoga & Meditation for you in the comfort of your own home, with bespoke 1 hour sessions created around your needs.

£45 per session – £160 for 4 Sessions.

Contact me at


For safety we will ask you to complete a  health questionnaire  before class

Please wear loose comfortable clothing

Allow one to two hours after eating before practicing yoga

Mats can be provided, bring a blanket for relaxation, for Restorative Yoga you may also need a cushion, bolster, strap & block.