Sacred Rest Retreat Days

​Hello Radiant Ones…Introducing A Womans Space;

I am very thrilled to say that I now have a beautiful new Space in my home that is a dedicated to my Womens work and I would love to share this space with You.

I have come to realize that to full fill our true potential in life, we need clear space and time to allow our True calling to arise. We also need support from those who have learned so much from dancing this dance of life.

I would love to work with you to inspire you onto your chosen path.

I know from Years of experience how difficult it can be to truly Shine, to keep going when you are doubting your path, when you are exhausted and in overwhelm.

I have been working with Cacao for the last couple of Years and have been amazed by the clarity, creativity and focus it brings when coupled with time out to rest.
I would love to share this beautiful plant medicine with you and support you from my own life experiences and inner wisdom.

From July I will be offering in person bespoke Sacred Rest Day Retreats and 1-1 Spiritual Coaching Sessions from A Woman Space:

These sessions are dedicated to You – they are confidential and they are

The relief, the healing, the solutions and the clarity that comes from sessions like these is huge. When we take time to Re Member, to call ourselves home, to come back to the Still small voice within, to connect back to our hearts wisdom, to stroke the velvet nose of the tenderness and care for ourselves, we heal ourselves, we honour our journey, we own our stories, our paths.

For most of us, until we See ourselves, until we remember who we are and what is important to us, we will never be able to live fully from a place of abundance and freedom.

To hear our Truth, to be Seen and to follow our heart is more important than ever now.

I would love to hold this nurturing and safe space for you.
I have created Sacred Rest Retreat Days for You.

A Sacred day to yourself, held in A Womans Space within my home.

You can create your own theme, I will build your day around that, or I can create a Sacred Rest day for you.

You may have a particular area you would like to focus on, or you maybe just need to Retreat to quiet space and be held and supported in that.
I will include a Journaling session – Cacao – a nourishing Organic Lunch – Yoga & Relaxation of your choice and quiet time in nature.

If this feels like just what your Heart and Soul is calling for do get in touch, I would love to hear from you.
The sessions begin at 10.30am and I am usually quite flexible with days.

Your investment is £125.

To the Girl I used to Be – I thank You.

To the Woman I am now – You are exactly where you need to be.

To the Woman I am yet to become – I See You.

A Woman’s Blessing – Lynette Allen

If you would love to  learn more or book a session with me, I would absolutely love to hear from you!