Cacao Ceremonies

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Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier.

After attending many Cacao Ceremonies over the Years, and recently Training as a Sacred Cacao Medicine Carrier with Annu Tara, i absolutely resonate with this beautiful plant medicine, it has the effect of opening the Heart Chakra, these beautiful sessions will tap into your creativity, love and abundant Heart.

A little bit about Cacao…

This ancient superfood is abundant in essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, plus naturally occurring, consciousness-altering compounds that bring:

Energy: cacao stimulates the cardiovascular system – a full body high without the anxious buzz of caffeine

Clarity: cacao contains dopamine, the neurotransmitter that aids metal concentration, focus and the cultivation of positivity towards life

Enhanced mood: cacao stimulates the release of endorphins, which calm the body’s stress response, acting as a potent natural anti-depressant.

Bliss: the only food to contain anandamide, the ‘bliss molecule’ that activates the heart with the very same feelings that we experience through profound love making, becoming awash with orgasmic energy

Creativity: a beautiful partner for all manner of inner, outer and creative work, opening the channels for inspiration, expression and flow.

What makes this cacao so special? These highly prized beans are harvested, fermented and dried without roasting to preserve the cacao’s full nutritional and medicinal properties.

Cacao is a beautiful partner for all manner of inner, outer and creative work, relaxing smooth muscle, stimulating the heart, enhancing mood and oxygenated blood flow to the brain and major organs without charging up the nervous system like caffeine.

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Autumn Equinox Cacao Ceremony & Spiritdance…

Saturday 21st Sept  

6pm – 9pm

Well House Yoga Space

Cote Hill Road



In our Ceremony, we begin with an Introduction Circle, Journaling session, Intention setting, Pranayama Practice (breathing practice) & Earthing Relaxation.

I will prepare the warm (vegan) Cacao to drink in the traditional way using ethically sourced ceremonial grade Cacao infused with
fresh rose petals & warming spices.

We will then move into the dance. Spirit Dance is a meld of all i have incorporated in my life after many Years of Yoga and Spiritual practice, dance experience, holistic and energy work.

Spirit Dance incorporates breath work, Cacao Ceremony,  movement, Drum, percussion and music to move energy through your body, clearing stuck energy, emotion, stagnancy, leaving you feeling free, alive, radiant and vital.

The cost of this lovely experience is £35
Please book and pay for your space in advance, with thanks…