Radiant Woman Retreats

Mid Week Radiant Woman Retreat in Grosmont 2020.
Dining room Grosmont House
Join me for a mid week Retreat in Grosmont, this place is very dear to my heart.
Grosmont House is a very  special place and when i first met Selma and Chris and visited Grosmont House i knew it was the perfect place for Radiant Woman Retreats.
Selma is renouned for her amazing food and between herself and Chris the run the very well known Gaia Festival in North Yorkshire.
The house is absolutely stunning, from the gorgeous light interiors to the amazing art work that decks all the walls, the view of the steam railway station takes you back in time.
A place to be cherished for sure.
Radiant Woman Retreat in Grosmont. (SPACES)
Monday 16th – Thursday 19th March 2020
Grosmont House
YO22 5PE
£375 based on 2 sharing en suite accommodation.
Single options available.
 grosmont 6

Radiant Woman Retreat Glastonbury 2020 

The Daisy Centers
6 Church Ln, Glastonbury


Friday 14th – Monday 17th August 2020


Friday 21st – Monday 24th August 2020


I am so happy to be able to offer 10 spaces on our
Annual Radiant Woman Retreat in Glastonbury at The Daisy Centers right in the heart of Glastonbury town.
The Daisy Centers is a wonderful tranquil, healing space.

Situated on the Michael ley line our centre has a nurturing atmosphere of angelic serenity which pervades the whole house making your stay that extra bit special.
Your bedroom is your haven, the rooms are spotlessly clean, bright and luxuriously warm.

Join us for a long weekend of Transformation in the
Isle of Avalon..Original home of the Goddess…

Our Radiant Woman Retreats include Vegetarian/ vegan food, made with love by Myself & Craig.

A combination of

Journaling, & Sharing.

Yoga & Relaxation.

Gypsy Dance.

Cacao Ceremony, Spiritdance & Spirit Drum.

Visits to local sites, bathe in the White Springs.

Sunrise Yoga on the Tor, Time to Be and much more.

archangelmelchizedekroom1 daisy

Radiant Woman Retreat 2020 (FULL)
Can Rosa Villa
Ibiza 2020.


96233274 can rosa

April 25th – May 2nd 2020
Sharing – £995 Single
(Excludes flights and transfers)
Reserve with a £250 deposit today.

Can Rosa Ibiza was originally built more than 150 years ago and was fully renovated recently keeping the typical “ibicenco” style.

The swimming pool is surrounded by fruit trees, and there are plenty of outdoor spaces and balconies to enjoy.

The villa is surrounded by a forest with an amazing country side view with some old wind mills and beautiful agricultural land.

The finca has 6 double bedrooms with a peculiar setup, they are all different from each other, full of character and charming.

The main suite has an amazing view and its own bathroom with jacuzzi.

There are 3 more shared bathrooms downstairs.

Can Rosa is a beautiful countryside villa located near Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, Ibiza.
6 bedrooms – 4 bathrooms / outdoor swimming pool / big gated parking / amazing view from terraces and chill out places / very big fully equipped kitchen / Air conditioner / 45 mts2 wooden floor hall / outside shaded wooden deck / BBQ area with wooden oven / kid’s entertainment / ping pong table /



To find out more and book your space on this fabulous island contact me on andrea291@hotmail.co.uk and reserve your space with a £250 Deposit today.
Radiant Woman Retreat on Paradise Island –  Bali 2020


61895288_450187302479921_4769463342852997120_n BALI

October 11th – 17th 2020 (FULL)

October 31st – November 6th (Spaces)

New Dates added for our amazing once in a lifetime Retreat on Paradise Island Bali 2020
From £995 Single – Couples very welcome
(Excludes flights and transfers)
Reserve with a £250 deposit today.
Come and escape with us.
I have just 5 spaces for 5 very special ladies to join us on this amazing transformational Retreat on this Island Paradise off Lombock Mainland, Bali.
This beautiful Island won my heart this Year and i am delighted to be able to offer this to You for 2020.
A week of complete downtime. Including Yin/ Yang & Goddess Flow Yoga
Meditation Relaxation, Sunset Island cruises, amazing freshly prepared food and traditional baile accommodation with fresh water showers.
Time to Be, time to grow, time to transform.
£995 – Includes food, single baile accommodation, sunset cruise and a traditional Balanese Massage, all yoga and activities.
Book with a £250 Deposit today. email me andrea291@hotmail.co.uk

                            62169026_452870352211616_8958738567509573632_n BALI

To book your space on this fabulous island contact me on andrea291@hotmail.co.uk and reserve your space with a £250 Deposit today.


I absolutely love running these gorgeous retreats.  An opportunity for me to include all the offerings of Radiant Woman, to bring to you a wonderful experience, resulting in a feeling of positivity, inner calm, reflection, deep rest and time out for you.

I would love to invite you to nourish and nurture your inner radiance during our Radiant Woman Retreats.

Includes…Vegetarian & vegan meals, juices and snacks.
Daily Yoga
Chill out with a daily Dru Yoga, a gentle, flowing, energy based class to help brighten your mood, lift your energy levels and calm your mind, sequences, flowing Postures and deep relaxation.

Yin Yoga, the Art of Surrender.

On a physical level, Yin Yoga enhances the natural range of motion in the joints.
By keeping your muscles soft, you release deep layers of connective tissue, creating more ease and mobility in the joints, on an energetic level.
Yin enhances the flow of energy in the tissues around the joints, where energy often stagnates. supporting the organs, immune system, and emotional well-being. 
Yin Yoga is restorative for your energy levels and balancing for the Mind and Emotions.
Gypsy Caravan Tribal Dance
This is an exciting contemporary blend of ancient dance forms, drawn from many roots including Egypt, India, Africa and Spain.

It is a group dance, gypsy-like in feeling. In twos or many more dancers and based on learning moves so that you can dance ‘in the moment’ with others to some fabulous music.

We begin Spiritdance with a Journaling Circle and Cacao Ceremony and we will be Journaling on a theme. We move into the dance with eyes closed or with eye masks if you prefer. I have created a playlist of tracks i use in my own dance and which have resonated or touched me in some way.
The dance may invoke different feelings and emotions and i will guide you through, intersecting with breath work for release. Throughout i will be working with percussion and Drumming to clear energy fields. We will finish with a Meditation to release anything that may have come up in the dance and you will have an opportunity to Journal or draw out your experience and finish with a short reflection session and time to Share.


Chakradance is a beautiful meditative movement practice to Chakra resonant music practiced with eyes closed allowing you to communicate with your own body through the Chakras.
These Sacred Temples hold the keys to freedom, through moving in a way that feels good for you in a safe and healing space you can let go of stress, tightness, tension, freeing your body and your mind through this amazing experience.
 Chakradance is free dance done  with eyes closed so you can move freely and enjoy the experience without feeling self conscious.
I like to define meditation at the perfect balance between alertness and relaxation. It doesn’t matter if you practice in a chair or sitting cross legged on the floor, it’s all about quietening the mind and stilling the body.
Dru Meditation, in common with many other types of meditation, starts with this gentle awareness of the body and breath.
This mindful awareness reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, chronic pain and insomnia. 
Relaxation techniques are a great way to help with stress management.
Relaxation isn’t only about peace of mind or enjoying a hobby. Relaxation is a process that decreases the effects of stress on your mind and body.
Relaxation techniques can help you cope with everyday stress and with stress related to various health problems, such as heart disease and pain.

1-1 Coaching and Reiki.

While on Retreat, this gives us time and space to look at our lives from a different perspective, giving us the time and space to be creative.  I would love to offer, as part of  the longer Retreats, a 1-1 Intuitive Coaching session, you may find this is helpful to put your life goals into a plan.

All activities are optional.
We create space to take time for movement, reflection,  journaling, relaxation & time in nature, this time is so beneficial for our well being and our growth.


Initial deposit is non-refundable. Remaining balance refundable if cancellation is 90 days prior to retreat start date. Partial refund after 60 days.