Radiant Woman Training


Welcome to my Teacher Training Programmes.

After over 10 Years of Teaching Yoga and Meditation, over 20 Years of practicing Yoga & Meditation and over 15 Years as a Holistic Therapist, 3 Years running and fascillitating Womens Circles, I am getting ready to share it all with you.

Would you love to run an amazing business that helps and supports Women to heal grow and expand?
Learn to teach Radiant Woman Yoga and Meditation. Including themeing Classes, Workshops and Retreats.
Learn about the energy body and Chakras and how it all relates to life, fascillitating and teaching.
Learn to hold space and fascillitate Women’s Circles.
Learn how to create Sacred Space and Ceremony.
Learn how to run fabulous Retreats.
Learn to grow and build a Social Media following.
Complete Reiki 1 & 2 Trainings.
Learn to fascillitate Spiritdance sessions.
Everything you need for a career for, and in, the future World.

Training will be held over weekends and in Retreat settings.

Interested? Get in touch, I would love to work with you.