Elemental Yoga UK© Teacher Training

Elemental Yoga UK

Welcome to my  Accredited 200 Hour  Elemental Yoga UK© Teacher Training Programme.

A  journey towards  Living and Teaching Authentic Yoga, truly embracing a modern world yoga to create teachers who can positively influence the mental and physical health of their Communities through teaching Yoga.

“A Teacher is not one with many Students, but one who creates many Teachers”

After over 10 Years of Teaching Yoga and Meditation, over 20 Years of practicing Yoga & Meditation and over 15 Years as a Holistic Therapist, 5 Years running and facilitating Women’s Circles, I am getting ready to share it all with you.

Who are you? Learn who you are and find your authentic voice as a Yoga Teacher.

Learn to teach  Elemental Yoga – Mudra & Meditation.

Learn about the energy body and Chakras and how it all relates to life, facilitating and teaching Yoga.

Including theming Classes – Create your niche – Run amazing Workshops and Retreats.

This Course contains within it everything you need to create a career for, and in the future World.

Training will be held over Monthly weekends throughout 2021 & 2022.


Radiant Woman 200 Hour Elemental Yoga UK© Training Curriculum.

The course is for yoga students who wish to expand their knowledge, skills, and desire to teach yoga. For Teachers who would like to add to their knowledge base and inspire themed Classes and Workshops.

The course is also an option to students who may not wish to teach Yoga classes but want to deepen their Yoga Knowledge.

Course curriculum. 

Who are you? – 20 Hours

Learn about learning styles and which you are.

Learn your Ayurvedic Dosha type and your Element and how this relates to Teaching Authentic  Yoga.

Learn the foundations of Ayurveda, the Elements and how they are related to You.

Yoga Techniques and Training – 55 Hours

Learning about the Elements and how they relate to Yoga and Teaching.

Guided practices

Deconstructing Asanas

Key refinement and safe approaches.

Anatomy and Physiology  – 20 Hour

Having an understanding of key anatomical structures and functions is an important part of the yoga teaching path.

Understanding body structures including muscles, bones, joints and organ systems in relation to the elements.

The nervous system and its relationship to Yoga.

Yogic Philosophy and Ethics – 25 Hours

Introduction to yoga and leading a yogic lifestyle.

Introduction to important yogic texts.


Diet – Eating natural foods and their relation to the Elements.

Subtle Body awareness – 25 Hours

Learning about the Subtle body – The Chakras -Vayus & Koshas and how to incorporate these into your Classes and Teaching.

The Art of Teaching Yoga 80 Hours

Finding your voice

Teaching the Elements in Yoga Asana

Teaching in line with the Moon Cycles and the Seasons.

How to teach Asana and alignment technique.

How to create a class infused with movement, pranayama, meditation and much more.

Teaching and being yourself.

Teaching one to ones.

Self Care while Teaching.

Grow your Yoga biz.

Example Teacher Training Weekend.

Venue at The Yoga, Energy & Sound Academy.

The Yoga, Energy & Sound Academy, Unit 20, Ousegate, Selby YO8 4NN

Saturday 10.30 – 5.30pm

Sunday 10.30am – 5.30pm

Dates TBA

Pre requisite – A Minimum of 2 Years Yoga Practice with a qualified Teacher.

Cost £2995 – Payment Options available.

Interested? Get in touch, I would love to work with you.


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Interested? Get in touch, I would love to work with you.

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