Radiant Women’s Circles

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Inspired by a wonderful Ayurveda for Women Course with Dr. Deepa of Ayurveda Pura London,  I learned that in the ayurvedic understanding, a very high percentage of Women’s Dis – ease is caused by a lack of expression. In my own personal experiences, and the experiences of the Women I have worked with, I have been inspired to create Radiant Women’s Circles.

“So many women are suffering from depression, loneliness, and anxiety, and this is a ritual that is literally designed to combat that.”

Radiant Women’s Circles are a safe space to meet with like minded Women to share inspiration, share life experiences, inspire positive living in a beautiful and supportive environment, a safe space where we can come together to share discussion in a non judgmental and supported way incorporating shares, themed circle chats, journaling & Intention setting.

Shares, Journaling, relaxation & meditation, connection and support within a community of like minded Women.

I absolutely love holding space for women and have cherished their friendships, l have celebrated with them in their transitions and developments in life. 


Harrogate Circle

Radiant Women’s Circle …York

Acaster Malbis Village Hall


YO23 2UJ

 Friday Nov 1st – Dec 6th

7pm – 9.30pm

£15 – Refreshments included.

To book your place in the Circle please contact andrea291@hotmail.co.uk


New Dates & Venue for 2020.

Deighton Lodge

Rush Farm, York Rd, York

YO19 6HQ

Sundays 6pm – 8pm

Jan 12th – Feb 9th – May 17th – June 7th – July 12th – Sept 27th – Nov 8th – Dec 13th 2020



For more info on events…Radiant Women’s Circle Page on Facebook