The Radiant Menopause


Hello beautiful Ladies….

What is the Radiant Menopause????

I mean, Menopause…Radiant, in the same sentence!!!!

When i hit Peri Menopause at the age of 43, starting with disturbed sleep patterns, a few hot moments and irregular periods, i just did not get it, i wasn’t prepared for what was to come, and resisted it with all my might!! I did Yoga!!! I taught Yoga!!!

How could this be happening to me????

As symptoms escalated out of control, and in a difficult relationship, i felt like i was going truly mad!! A visit to the Doctor, and yes she agreed, the Menopause was upon me, anti depressants were my only option, HRT in extreme cases.

I took the anti depressants for a few weeks, and began to feel much worse, with anxiety starting to return, feelings of hopelessness, constant arguments with an unsupportive husband left me on very shaky ground, eventually, packing up i ran for the hills!!!

7  Years later….After working with specific Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation, diving into Ayurveda, Coaching, Women Connection, Nutrition and Supplements, i have managed this path of illumination completely drug free and now, after 18 months of no menstruation i feel i am moving onto another level of my life, enlightened by Menopausal Wisdom…

From these Years of transition I have created a full range of supportive avenues under The Radiant Woman title for you to explore…

Radiant Woman Yoga Classes…Workshops… Coaching… Support…Retreats …Blog

I provide a 6 month pathway for you, to include Peri Menopausal & Menopausal Support through Yoga, Free dance, Relaxation, Meditation, self care, empowerment, self acceptance and love, emotional expression, intuitive wisdom, Women connection and freedom through your Menopause…

It would be my absolute joy to work with you…

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“Each woman is biochemically and spiritually unique. So is the inner journey she must make if she is to succeed in her quest for wholeness. Such journeys need to be undertaken with the highest respect for the body, the spirit and the powers of nature which bring it about. Such journeys cannot be codified. They are not packaged holidays where you pay your money, take your anti-diarrhoea pills and know exactly what to expect. These, insist natural menopause revolutionaries, are journeys of the soul.”

Leslie Kenton

Soul Midwives

After being a Soul Midwife for my own Mum in 2016, i felt a strong calling to this Path.
I am currently training with Felicity Warner, Founder of the  Soul Midwives movement in the UK.I feel very privileged to be a volunteer on the Spiritual Care Team and the Complementary Therapy Team at York St Leonard’s Hospice, supporting the Spiritual care of people at the end of life.
What is Soul Midwifery?

‘A good death is an extraordinary, moving and sacred experience. It can also have a healing quality, not only for the person who is involved but their families, friends and the wider community.’ (Felicity Warner, Gentle Dying)What are Soul Midwives?Soul Midwives are non-medical, holistic companions who guide and support the dying in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death.Soul Midwives

  • listen, provide gentle therapeutic techniques and ensure compassionate care at all times
  • work holistically with both the spirit and the soul of the dying person
  • keep a loving vigil
  • create and hold a sacred and healing space for the dying person
  • recognise and support the individual needs of the departing soul to enable a tranquil death
  • use sound, touch, colour and smell and other gentle techniques to help alleviate pain and anxiety
  • support families and loved ones.

The Soul Midwife’s most important role is to provide comfort, continuous support and reassurance in helping a dying person to experience the death he or she wants.

Taken from The Soul Midwives Portal by Felicity Warner

A new way of dying…

‘It should be a sacred day for you when one of your people dies – a sacred day, when a soul is released and returns to its home.’ (Black Elk)

We all die. But there are good deaths, and not such good deaths. Most of us hope to die, pain free, at home, with our loved ones around us given the choice.But not many of us actually achieve this. Most modern deaths are at best, efficient but clinical, institutionalised, functional and soul-less. Soul midwives ensure that death is a dignified and peaceful experience.

In traditional cultures around the world, death has always been regarded as an important rite of passage, an initiation, a journey across a spiritual threshold. Modern soul midwives are able to draw on these ancient skills and traditions, applying them to our modern world and using them to ease the passage of those who are dying.

Soul midwives lovingly assist and accompany a dying person on their journey, and can provide their services within a home, hospital or hospice

The 12 Principles of Soul Midwifery

  1. To work as non-medical holistic companions who guide and support a dying person in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death.
  2. To support and recognise the individual needs of the dying person and ensure they feel loved and supported.
  3. To create and hold a sacred and healing space for the dying person (whether in a hospital, a hospice or at home).
  4. To respect and honour a dying person’s religious/spiritual or atheist/agnostic beliefs and practices.
  5. To work as non-denominational, multi-faith practitioners who honour the dying person’s beliefs about life, death or the afterlife.
  6. To listen, provide gentle therapeutic techniques, and ensure compassionate care at all times.
  7. To ‘serve; not aim to ‘fix’ or ‘rescue’.
  8. To give healing, using sound, touch, colour, scented oils or other gentle techniques to alleviate pain and anxiety.
  9. To keep a loving vigil.
  10. To work holistically with the Spirit and Soul at all levels and stages of transition.
  11. To support families and their loved ones, giving loving care with a human touch
  12. To provide comfort, continuous support and reassurance in helping a dying person to experience the death he or she wants.

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“Here for You at the end of life, to support You on your journey home….”

For more information please feel free to email  me or call on 07986375096

Sacral Chakra



This Chakra is all about our emotional and sexual well being. It’s about being in touch with our feelings, sensuality and our passion. This Chakra connects us to the more Feminine aspects of ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we are Female or Male, we all need to nourish this Yin, receptive, creative energy for our emotional and sexual well being (Natalie Southgate – Chakradance)

When energy is free to move through the root chakra, it automatically flows up into the Sacral chakra. The Sacral chakra is responsible for emotions, sensation, sexuality, reproduction and creativity.

From this chakra we connect with our innermost selves.

We are sensual, divine creators, capable of self knowledge and wisdom.

One function of this chakra is to introduce us to, and let us come to know our inner beauty. Strength and potential we harbour deep inside. We learn that we can create love, ecstacy and life.

The more we are able to connect and resonate with the Sacral chakra, the stronger the sense of self worth and self love..

The Sacral chakra is the sacred home of I, we have all asked at one time or another,

Who am I? What is my purpose in life?

Answers to these questions can be found deep in the Sacral chakra.

It is through working with this chakra that we come to know our individual beauty, creativity and wisdom.

The Sacral chakra sits at the lower abdomen, it is the home of Self and it’s quality is centring.

The gonads, ovaries and testes are governed by this chakra, the womb, genitals, kidneys, bladder and muscles.

In balance all emotion is allowed, we feel balanced and come into our centre, becoming centred requires an inner stillness which allows the body/mind to tap into it’s potential for self regulation.

Out of balance we are afraid of emotions, we hold onto tears, fluid retention, and damn up feelings and prevent the Sacral energy flow.

Represented by the six petal lotus, the colour orange and the element of water,

Saraswati is the Goddess of the arts and creativity is related to this chakra.

Foods to balance this chakra, leafy vegetables, salad leaves, cucumber, melon, mushrooms.

Herbs, Dong Quai, Black Haw, Black Willow Bark.

Aromatherapy oils, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood

Crystals, Carnelian, Amber, Orange Calcite, Coral.

Sacral Chakra Health Check…

Answer No more than 3 times may indicate that you have an imbalance in the Sacral Chakra.

I’m in touch with my feelings and find it easy to express my emotions…….. Yes  /  No

I enjoy healthy intimate relationships….Yes  / No

I am in touch with my own sensual nature…Yes / No

I regularly do activities that i find pleasurable…Yes / No

I have things that i am passionate about in my life…Yes / No

I can identify what my needs are…Yes / No

I love to dance, moving with music makes me feel good…Yes / No

I make time for myself to relax and feel good…Yes / No

I’m comfortable embracing changes in my life…Yes / No

I enjoy taking baths and swimming…Yes / No

Tips for balancing the Sacral Chakra…

Get support for any emotional issues going on in your life. This may include finding a form of therapy such as counceling or energy healing.

Try not to keep feelings bottled up, find safe ways to express and release emotions eg talk to a friend, journal, morning pages, dancing, painting, writing.

Find a regular practice to help keep you emotionally balanced, eg Chakradance, Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, Relaxation.

Find time to do the things you really enjoy, book a professional Massage, book a date with yourself, give yourself a massage, facial manicure/pedicure, cook yourself a gorgeous meal, create some YOU time everyday. The most important relationship you can ever have, is with yourself.

Create an emotionally calming environment at home, create a lovey personal space with candles, flowers, crystals, meditation area.

Find you Tribe…Spend time around positive and uplifting people













Root Chakra


This Chakra is all about our physical, earthly existence. So it’s about our physical health and our ability to survive, and survive well on this planet. It’s about feeling safe. secure and supported – financially, in our home lives and in our bodies. It is connected to our ancestors, our primal instincts and our wildness. (by Natalie Southgate of Chakradance )


To balance the lower part of the body in  Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra) we connect ourselves to the earth,  tune into nature and the rhythm of the planet to  calm the body and mind developing  a sense of love for the world we live in, love for the body we live in and to develop a sense of belonging, we all have a purpose, our power is in the present moment, this is your time to recharge and connect. the root chakra sits at the very base of the spine, at the cervix, it represents our physical manifestation of core energy, the adrenal glands, feet, legs, bones and spine are governed by this chakra, imbalances in the neck, large intestine and knees may also be associated to this chakra. in balance. we feel safe, secure, alive, accepted and stable, out of balance. we are fearful, rigid, restricted, held back, tired, weighed down, unmoving. represented by the four petal lotus and the colour red and the deity Ganesha, the elephant god and remover of obstacles.

Foods- root veg, pulses, breads any heavy sweet foods, herbs liquorice, comphrey.

Aromatherapy oils – base rich oils – patchouli, cypress and vetivert – 5 – 10 drops added to 1tsp full cream milk added to the bath or in an oil burner.

Crystals – red jasper, smokey quartz, obsidian, ruby and red jade – can be worn next to the skin ar kept in a pocket or around the home.

Your Root Chakra may be out of balance if….You have frequent health issues, ongoing financial issues, you feel scatty, restless and anxious, you become un-grounded easily…(Too little energy in the Root)

You feel heavy and lethargic, you have gained weight, you are fearful of change, you are obsessive about your routines (too much energy in the Root)

Root Chakra Quick correspondence guide.


Element—EarthFunction—Survival, grounding

Rights—Right to be here, right to have

Symbol— Four Petal Lotus with a downward pointing triangle and an Elephant (Ganesh)

Life lessons—Patience, structure, stability, security, manifest your dreams. Standing up for oneself

Main Issues— Survival, physical needs

Area of body governed—Bones, skeletal structure


Physical Ailments—Osteoarthritis, weight problems, haemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, degenerative arthritis, knee trouble

Crystals—Agate, Bloodstone, Tiger’s eye, Garnet, Ruby, Hematite, Onyx, Rose Quartz, Smoky quarts

Musical Note—C

Seed Sound—LAM pronounced lang

Ruling Planet—Saturn, Earth

Incense/Aromatherapy—Cedar wood, sandalwood, patchouli, myrrh, musk, lavender and other earthy scents.

Tarot Suit—Pentacles

Tree of Life…Gaia…Ganesh


I am perfect as I am, my deity does not make inferior beings.

I am taking responsibility for my life.  I can cope with any situation.

My body is becoming more important to me, I nurture it constantly.

My inner source is always here guiding me.

I deserve the best in life, my needs are always met.

I can create my reality in any way that I choose to channel my energy and thoughts.

I am the creator of my reality.

I can manifest everything I need and want just by placing my mind on it.


Evaluating your Root Chakra…

Simply answer YES or NO to each of the statements below.
If you score more than four Nos it may indicate that your Root Chakra is imbalanced. If you score four or more YES answers, wonderful! You are balanced in the base centre.

Δ I exercise regularly.
Δ My diet is healthy and balanced most of the time.
Δ I’m comfortable with my level of prosperity and abundance.
Δ I take the time to visit nature on a regular basis.
Δ I feel good about my body.
Δ I feel happy about how I earn my living – it is satisfying and
Δ I focus on today – I feel connected and grounded to what I am doing
at the time.



Reiki works on different levels the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual enhancing everything in life. Reiki is not only one of the oldest healing systems in use; it is also one of the most versatile. This ancient Japanese method of healing uses energy to balance the body and mind, and its benefits can be felt by both Reiki practitioners and their clients. In fact, Reiki is believed to improve just about any aspect of life, from physical health to emotional well-being to stress reduction and mental clarity. Reiki techniques are used to heal the body, mind and the spirit. It has been proven that Reiki can help people suffering from various major and minor ailments. It is often used as a complementary therapy in a number of hospitals today. It enhances the health care the patient receives in both in the hospital and from outpatient health care providers. Reiki has not only helped patients with physical ailments but also helped those with minor psychological problems as well.

  1. One of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities (immune system), aids in better sleep and improves and maintains health.
  2. Reiki helps bring about inner peace and harmony. It can be valuable tool in the quest for spiritual growth
  3. Reiki also balances the mind and emotions. Regular Reiki treatments can bring about a calmer and more peaceful state of being, in which a person is better able to cope with everyday stress. This mental balance also enhances learning, memory and mental clarity. Reiki can heal mental/emotional wounds, work through dysfunction In more severe situations, Reiki can help alleviate mood swings, fear, frustration and even anger. Reiki can also strengthen and heal personal relationships. Because Reiki enhances your capability to love, it can open you up to the people around you and help your relationships grow. By improving your capacity for empathy, Reiki allows you to connect with people on a deeper level.
  4. Reiki offers relief during emotional distress and sorrow. Reiki helps in the grieving process. It cleans and clears the emotions, preventing them from being so draining and offers perspective.
  5. On the physical level, Reiki helps to relieve pain from migraine, arthritis, sciatica ~ just to name a few. It also helps with symptoms of asthma, chronic fatigue, menopausal symptoms, and insomnia.
  6. Reiki speeds up recovery from surgery or long-term illness. As it helps in adjusting to medicine/treatment, it also tends to reduce side-effects. For example, Chemo-therapy patients who received Reiki noticed a marked decrease in side effects from treatment.
  7. Reiki can be an effective way to treat immediate problems, such as physical or mental illness (recovery from surgery, but regular treatments can also improve overall health and energy levels. By helping to maintain a state of physical and emotional balance, Reiki can not only treat problems, but perhaps even prevent them from ever developing.

Reiki is for everyone: it heals adults, babies, toddlers, children, elderly and even pets.

Over the Summer i am offering Reiki sessions here at The Healing Menagerie.

Sessions are £35 for an hour or a block booking of 3 Treatments for £90.

To book email me at…I look forward to hearing from you.


Daily Self Care Ritual

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“The first hour of the morning is crucial.

How you spend it will determine your experience of the rest of your day” Louise Hay

During Peri Menopause and Menopause, we can have days/ weeks/ months where we feel a little fragile, unbalanced and generally out of sync with ourselves, as we transition, one of the hugest shifts in our lives, becoming a Mother being the first!!

As i am experiencing, these times come in bouts, with flu like symptoms, achy joints, more hot flushing than usual, tired eyes, tired body and just generally low in energy and mood, this is all perfectly normal and part of our bodies adjusting to the lowering of hormones in our body.

So what can we do? Well for me, first and foremost is taking extra time to rest, get to be d earlier, daily walks out in Nature really helps to lift the mood.


A lovely daily Ritual during this time is warm oil massage, this can be done in the morning, or after a soak in a lovely nurturing bath, i find rose oil lovely and a few handfuls of epsom or sea salts, let the water soak away any aches and pains, any emotional heaviness.

Place a couple of cotton wool pads, soaked in rose water to calm tired eyes.

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Place a pot or small bottle of sesame oil on the radiator to warm through, you may like to add a couple of drops of essential oil

My body is loving the following oils at the moment.

Geranium essential oil –  emotional balance –  stability – calming

Cedarwood – slows – grounds – anchor you into the earth –  calm strength.

Grapefruit – honouring your body – lightness of heart – bringer of joy

Juniper – protection – purification – cleansing

Lemon – uplifting – refreshing – tired skin

Vertiver – grounding – stabilizing – calming

Juniper & cedarwood is a lovely grounding blend.


Get Grounded…


Massage the bubbling spring point/ Earthing point, on each foot.

“Bubbling Spring or Earthing point?”
Here is how I think of it:

Kidney is the Yin Organ of the Water Element.

Springs are where fresh water emerges from the ground.

Water nourishes all life. When we bring conscious attention to the bubbling Spring point, it is possible to receive energy directly from the Earth.

The Kidney meridian becomes a passageway for Earth’s energy to rise from our feet all the way up to our chest.  Along the way, this Qi nourishes our legs, reproductive organs, digestive and urinary organs, lungs and heart. All of the vital organs are infused by the nourishing energy of the Earth, transformed into flowing Qi of Water.

A daily practice:
Stand comfortably, soften your ankles, knees and hips. Bring your mind to your breath. Check that your head, eyes, jaw, shoulders and back are relaxed yet toned. Drop your mind to your belly where your breath comes to when you inhale. Now, feel for bubbling spring point on the bottom of your feet, and then feel the Earth from this point.

Breathe, feel, notice, and allow Kidney  to open to the Earth.

As Louise Hay writes

“How you start your day is how you live your day. How you live your day is how you live your life”.  

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