About Me

A little bit about me…
My Yoga journey began over 20 Years ago when I was advised to take up Yoga by my doctor after a difficult time of anxiety, stress, depression and panic attacks.
I bought a book and started practicing at home, it totally dragged me in, I loved how it made me feel.
I began attending classes and workshops in and around York, practicing mainly Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga.
After my divorce in 2005, I decided to go to college and train as a holistic therapist, I completed courses in swedish body massage, aromatherapy, indian head massage, crystal therapy and reiki mastership. I began holistic therapy work, but still, I was drawn to my passion of Yoga.
I searched to find Teachers who taught the spiritual side of Yoga, very few were around at that time, so I decided to become the teacher I was trying to find.
I trained in the Dru Yoga style as I  loved the inner stillness, the spiritual energy and focus of Dru and have been practicing ever since.
In the last couple of Years Tribal Bellydance found me and also dragged me in!!
I have absolutely loved the confidence it has given me and how it has made me feel.
I decided to train in the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance style as i love the fun and community  aspect of the dance.
I now offer it to you as part of Radiant Woman as i love this Dance and the way it creates such a lovely community of women.
More recently, after a diagnosis of hypothyroidism, through trial and error, i have been using all the tools i have to bring my body back into balance and this is giving me a deeper understanding of the body systems and how to heal and  re balance them.
Through life experience, further education in massage, aromatherapy & holistic therapies at NVQ Levels and with thanks and gratitude to all the talented strong woman from who i have learnt:
Reiki to master level & reiki Drum with Catherine Birkenhead, Bridget Ogden and Rachel  Deadman.
300 Hours Diplomas in Dru Yoga & 200 Hours Dru Meditation with Louise Rowen, Mona Fairholme & Nanna Coppens of Dru Yoga Worldwide. 
Energy 4 Life Wellness Coaching with Caroline Shola Arewa.
Soul Midwifery with Felicity Warner.
Chakradance with Natalie Southgate.
Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance with Paulette Rees Denis and Deirdre Macdonald.
Sacred Cacao Medicine – Annu Tara.
75 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Kata Van Doesselaar in Ibiza.
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Cindi Lee.
Over many Years I have gained much knowledge and wisdom to support women at every stage of life, and death,  and to share it with you  through my Radiant Woman offerings.
It is my joy and passion to share with you the benefits of yoga, meditation, dance & reiki.
My Radiant Woman website, classes, circles, workshops & retreats are here to inspire you onto a road of self discovery, self love and self care….
It would be my absolute joy to guide you back home to yourself…Back to Love..

“The trouble is, we think we have time” Buddha