Earthing Techniques for tricky times.

Mighty oak tree
The Prithvi (Earth) Mudra can be performed while sitting down.
Touch the tip off the ring finger of each hand to the tip of the thumb. The rest of the fingers should be pointing straight.
Hold this position while moving into the Prithvi Dharanam Meditation below.
Eases hot flushes.
Regulates the menstrual cycle.
Balances the Earth Energies.
It helps to balance the different elements inside of the body.
The Prithvi Mudra also helps to strengthen the body and alleviates fatigue.
Prithvi Dharanam – Earth Meditation
Prana shakti flows up and down the spine,
the presence of our desires and fears often prevent us from sitting still.
Earth focus brings energy at the base of the spine into balance, leaving us feeling steady as a rock, part of the sacred mother Earth.
Start by relaxing the body and then begin to watch the breath, as you breathe in, follow the breath with your awareness as it enters more deeply into the body. as you breathe out, your awareness flows up and out from the nostrils. continue this process, sinking lower and lower with every in breath until you are following your breath all the way down to your point of contact with the ground, or the chair.
Imagine you are sitting on the earth – place in nature
begin to breathe in and follow the breath down to the base of the spine, and then let the breath flow beyond theat point, deep down into the earth beneath you.
As you breathe in, let the breath flow down into the earth, as you breathe out let the the breath flow out of the earth, up through you and out.
Let your awareness change so that you percieve the earth to be hollow and full of space.
Now feel as though it is the earth herself who is breathing in and out through you. your in breath becomes the in breath of the earth, your out breath becomes her out breath
feel that your body becomes part of the earth and becomes very still have gratitude for the connection you have with mother earth, pause in stillness bringing awareness to the chest and feel the rising and falling of the rib cage, bring awareness to your hands and create akash mudra, place it on the floor and rest your forehead on the hands.

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