Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskara to see off the Winter Blues..

Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskara to see off the Winter Blues..
Sun Salutes are my absolute go to when Kapha stagnation takes hold. Just a few rounds after a walk in daylight can help to lift our mood, especially if you suffer with SAD as i am realizing i do in the Winter months.
I can soon get into low vibrational states and find that incorporating some Surya Bedhana. (right nostril breathing) followed by a few rounds of Sun Salutes really helps to shift any stagnant energy and lift my mood.
The benefits of Sun Salutations are great, an all around work out, tones the body,helps boost the metabolism, lift the mood, nourishes the organs and glands, is known as a complete Sadhana as it uses all the aspects of movement, breath, meditation and Spiritual practice.
Followed by Tratak or Candle gazing, this helps to take the fire inward, also really beneficial if you suffer with hot flushes too.
Light a candle and place at eye level. Gaze into the flame without blinking for a little while, close your eyes and focus on the imprint behind the eyes, stay with it until it disappears then open your eyes and look again.
surya mudra
Surya Mudra is also helpful when Kapha is out of control and weight gain becomes an issue.
Take the thumb and place it over the Ring finger, and hold for 5 mins to up to 30 minutes.

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