Spirituality – Journal Prompts

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This month is Radiant Woman Circle our topic has been Spirituality.
Here are our Journal prompts. Make yourself a nice herbal tea, light a candle, get out your journal, sit down take a breath.❤️ xx
Journal prompts – Spirituality.
Our spiritual self informs our beliefs about the world, our purpose, our place in the bigger puzzle of life, and more. Spirituality can involve religion, but it doesn’t have to. It’s how we make sense of the world, where we find joy, and what we feel gives our life meaning.
What things are you most grateful for right now?
What does spirituality mean to you?
Where does your spiritual streak show up in your daily life?
What do you believe makes the world a better place?
Do you believe you find your purpose or believe your purpose finds you?
Do you believe you have a soul? Why or why not?
What gives your life meaning today?
What leaves you feeling purposeful?
Do you remember your dreams? Are you aware of the symbolic messages they hold for you?
Do you trust your intuition?
How much silence is there in your life for the whispers of intuition to be heard? Do you have a regular Meditation practice? Do you take time to Relax each day?
Which people, figures, or ideas have had the biggest impact on your spiritual life?
How do you define wisdom? Where do you look for wisdom in your own life?
When have you felt most connected to your spiritual side?
Do you believe more in serendipity or coincidence? Why?
What are some of your biggest unanswered questions in life?
For you Spirituality, Soul, what would you like to cultivate over the next month?
Where could you create more soul time?

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