Why do Women Circle?

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On a wonderful Ayurveda Course I attended with Dr. Deepa at  Ayurveda Pura London,  the Ayurvedic understanding that a very high percentage of Women’s Dis – ease is caused by a lack of expression,  plus my own personal experiences, I have been inspired to create these Radiant Women’s Circles.

The tumultuous history of women’s circles…

Humans have basically been gathering in the round since we began walking upright. “Circles with a sacred center are ancient, the oldest form of social interaction,”

“The fire was in the center as the people cooked and ate their food, heard stories, worshiped their Gods and Goddesses, and passed down the traditions and wisdom that kept them alive and healthy.”

Ladies-only circles, too, have been taking place for ages, all around the world. Many were directly tied to menstruation and the moon cycles,“There are menstrual hut and moon lodge traditions all over the world that date back to 800 CE and in some places are still practiced today,” While Menstruation is seen negatively nowadays, there was an empowering side to Menstruation once upon a time.

The red tent and moon lodges grow in popularity as a sacred space for women and girls to affirm their spirituality and sexuality, and to heal from the wounds of patriarchy through connecting with each other.

So what happened between then and now to make Women’s Circles all but disappear from our culture?

“We weren’t allowed to come together because it made people feel uncomfortable, and we were persecuted for it.

This all happened even before the birth of America. “In 1484, the Hammer of Witches publication by two German Dominican monks began the systematic destruction of women’s spiritual practices and health care by torturing and murdering women healers and spiritual leaders,” 

This oppression lasted 500 years and was carried with colonialism to every corner of the Earth.” circles faded from popularity—in part because of the Holocaust, which decimated the Jewish population and took many of its written historical records with it.

Of course, that didn’t completely stop women from getting together on their own terms, from sewing and quilting circles to tea dates. “We were still called to gather, but we weren’t allowed to dip into an energy that would offend the power of the masculine,”  Paula Mallis

How modern Women’s Circles make you happier…and healthier…

As most women’s circle attendees will tell you, the experience is a lot different from gossiping about other Women, screaming and wailing at the injustice of life, of Men, of each other, or getting naked and dancing around the Circle.

It’s a very different energy.

We talk about community a lot when we’re not actually in community, most events don’t necessarily give is  a sense of belonging, and we can still go home feeling alone.

But when we’re in a setting where we’re not going to compete with each other, there’s a hormonal response that we’re safe. And that allows us to look each other in the eye and talk about real shit that’s going on in our lives.”

Part of this is because of the ritualized nature of a women’s circle. Today’s facilitators often bring in ceremonial practices that help encourage everyone to participate in the discussion. In Radiant women’s Circles we have a Rose Quatrz Heart we use as a talking stone.

“In Native American women’s circles, there was a talking stick and storytelling—a lot of sharing and listening,”

And ultimately,  I hope that Women’s Circles will have an even bigger impact on healing the world at large. “If we can teach women around the world to be in these real types of communities designed for witnessing each other, we may be able to convince different groups of women in conflict to come together in these circles,” 

“So many women are suffering from depression, loneliness, and anxiety, and this is a ritual that is literally designed to combat that.”

Radiant Women’s Circles are a safe space to meet with like minded Women to share inspiration, share life experiences, inspire positive living in a beautiful and supportive environment, a safe space where we can come together to share discussion in a non judgmental and supported way incorporating Shares, Themed Circle chats, Journaling & Intention setting. Yoga or Dance, Relaxation & Meditation, connection and support within a community of like minded Women.


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