Anahata Chakra

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“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity

cannot survive.” Dalai Lama

We are human, and we love. Love creates so much joy, and yet it seems to

inspire so much pain in our lives. How can we learn to love and to make wise

choices about our relationships? How can we learn to fully express love and

choose wonderful, caring partners?

The health of our relationships is determined by the health of our heart

chakra. Relationship problems, our insecurities and needs are all regulated

by the heart chakra. If we wish to enjoy satisfying and enriching

relationships with people who open their heart to us in return, we can do this

by balancing and enhancing the health of our heart chakra.

The heart chakra’s true purpose is to help us fully and safely experience love.

The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra, Anahata translates to unhurt, a

beautiful reference to the place from which we can love without fear or pain,

without attachment. When we balance our heart chakra, we simultaneously

release past relationship wounds and attachments which may be hurting us

in the present, and which could also compromise our future. The key to

attaining the state of being ‘unhurt’ is to find love, forgiveness and

compassion, for both others and ourselves.

When we begin to heal the heart chakra, we create a softening of the heart.

This softening stirs the energy of love and compassion and through

awareness we can begin to dissolve the hurt we so often bury in our hearts.

As our heart awakens to its own loving potential we begin to experience

genuine connection with others, and our relationships grow healthy and

radiate love.

When the heart chakra is balanced and open we can begin to move towards

that wonderful state of being Buddhists describe as ‘loving kindness’. In this

state one is non-judgmental of others and oneself, lives a life full of

generosity and sees the inherent goodness in all.

Evaluating your heart chakra

Simply answer YES or NO to each of the statements below. If you score

more than four Nos it may indicate that your heart chakra is imbalanced. If

you score four or more YES answers, wonderful! You are balanced in the

heart centre.

Δ I am a generous person.

Δ I have open, honest relationships.

Δ I have compassion for myself.

Δ I forgive easily.

Δ I accept others as they are.

Δ I breathe deeply and effortlessly.

Δ I accept myself just as I am.

Balancing your heart chakra:

Heart chakra crystals

Rose quartz, emerald, jade.

These crystals may be placed on the location of the heart chakra (centre of

your chest) for clearing, revitalising and healing. You may even choose to

carry one of these crystals with you throughout your day.

Heart chakra oils

Rosewood, rose, bergamot.

These oils can be used in massage treatments, burned in an oil burner or you

may even add a few drops in to your bath.

Rose Meditation

Softly close your eyes and be in touch with the gentle rhythm of your

breathing. Imagine a soft pink rose resting in your heart, its scent, its

beauty, filling your heart. With each out-breath the petals of the rose unfold,

releasing more and more of its soft fragrance. As the centre of the rose

reveals itself to you, you see that inside is a brilliant white light. Reflect now

on any situations, relationships or people that need healing or deeper

understanding, and hold each person, each situation, in the light and

fragrance of your heart centre. Use the rhythm of your breath to return to an

awareness of your body and your everyday surroundings.

5 Top Tips for balancing your heart chakra:

Try to find compassion and kindness for yourself daily, so that it is

possible to find it for others.

Try to see beyond people’s behaviours and through to the real person.

Live your life in the most generous and open way that you can.

Know that compassion does not mean that you have to fix things.

Rather than turning away, be there to offer compassion.

Try to find as much compassion for strangers as you do for your family

and friends.

Everyday ways to balance your heart chakra

Take a few moments every day to consciously tune into your breathing. Use

your breath to slow down your thoughts and release any tightness in your

chest. Use your breath to become more present in the moment. Wear the

colour green or rose pink, or play with these colours in different ways in your

life. Do some random acts of kindness and spread the heart energy.

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