Manipura Chakra


Welcome to the Manipura Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra, our inner sunshine…


“I live with integrity and a high respect for myself and others.

I am in alignment with the abundant flow of the Universe.

I stand courageous and full of personal power.

I am more than enough.

Fire moves upwards destroying form. It gives us our will. Our will liberates us from fixed patterns, addictions, expectations of others. Allows us to take challenges and move towards something new, to overcome inertia.

The hardest part is getting started, fire burns easily, once it gets going.

Based at the Solar plexus,just above the navel, the energy of this Chakra rises.

If we are grounded, this can be stimulating, empowering but if we aren’t grounded, we get a flurry of undirected energy which can leave us feeling snappy and out of control.

When we feel powerless we withdraw and become passive, holding our movements in check, blocking our own power and expression., becoming withdrawn and appearing cold and controlled.

This control takes energy to maintain yet doesn’t produce energy so eventually we become depleted. Natural enthusiasm for life dwindles and we turn to stimulants which further deplete us. We become a closed system, our expression often turns in on itself as anger and self critisism which wears us down further.

Fire needs fuel to burn, and in a closed system, the fuel eventually burns up. Only in a dynamic state of interaction with the world can we keep up the movement and contact that feeds our fire and zest for life.

To break the cycle of fear and withdrawal we need to re connect with the lower chakras, give ourselves time to breathe, to explore, to make mistakes. This gives our fire air to burn again, connecting us with our true spirit, and reigniting the spark.

Feeling grounded and centered will help us feel the power within rather than it being outside of ourselves. This will give is self confidence, high self esteem and strength to our will so we can direct our lives towards that which we love.

This in turn, will ignite, challenge and renew us.

Extract from Andonea Judith  – Wheels of Life.

Here we tune into our gut feelings, the intuition that comes from your belly – you will rarely find it to be wrong. We draw on natural resources to heal and balance our Chakra system, tune into the solar energy from the sunlight. Spend a few minutes each day making a connection with the sun and feel its rays pouring into your own solar plexus, charging up your energy levels, your will power and your drive.

Visualise your solar plexus as a beautiful golden jewel, like a yellow diamond shining out, let it be your anchor to your personal power.

Manipura is the seat of our masculine energy, Yang consciousness which is the same in men and women. Connection can be made with masculine symbols like the sun, fire and the warrior. As the solar energy is stimulated an inner confidence and determination emerges, and we can re discover our own unique individuality.

Deities associated with this Chakra are Sun gods and Goddesses, Agni, the fire in the belly & Kali the dark one, she will help you stand in your power. Kali, in spite of her fearful appearance, is a goddess who takes the form of the ever caring Mother. Call on Kali when you feel over whelmed with emotions, she will hold the energy when you are finding it difficult to hold it yourself. Her mantra Om Kleem Kalika-ye Namaha


Amber, Citrine, tigers eye and topaz all resonate with Solar plexus Chakra. Amber provides positive and soothing energy, Citrine raises damaged self esteem and gives positive energy, warmth and optimism. Tigers eye connects us to our will power and confidence. Topaz is warming and soothing.

Essential oils.

Rosemary, peppermint, black pepper and ginger all have a stimulating effect on the solar plexus. These oils can be used in massage treatments, burned in a diffuser, or you could add a few drops into the bath when you need charging up!!

Yoga for the Solar Plexus includes

Dru Sun Sequence,  Power Sequence & Inner Fire sequences, postures Warriors, side bending and twists,  plank, bow and boat poses, abdominal strengthening.

Fire breath and Tratak (candle gazing meditations)


The Solar Plexus Health Check.

I feel confident in most situations Y   N

I am able to laugh easily                  Y  N

I see projects and commitments through to completion  Y  N

I have the courage to take risks when necessary  Y  N

I establish appropriate boundaries for myself  Y  N

I stand up for myself when i need to  Y  N

I am in the career that feels right for me  Y  N

I can make my own decisions with ease  Y  N

I usually feel like i have enough energy to do what i need to do  Y  N

I have a clear sense of the direction i want to go in  Y  N

If you answered no more than 3 – 4 times, it may indicate that you have an imbalance in the solar plexus chakra.

Balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra

  1. Take responsibility for your life, and not blame others, circumstances, or the Universe.
  2. Keep sight of your own unique direction, ambitions and goals. Take the right action to achieve these goals – even if it is one step at a time.
  3. Find appropriate self discipline in your life.
  4. Focus on creating good boundaries.
  5. Call to mind and celebrate your achievements and successes.






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