Root Chakra


This Chakra is all about our physical, earthly existence. So it’s about our physical health and our ability to survive, and survive well on this planet. It’s about feeling safe. secure and supported – financially, in our home lives and in our bodies. It is connected to our ancestors, our primal instincts and our wildness. (by Natalie Southgate of Chakradance )


To balance the lower part of the body in  Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra) we connect ourselves to the earth,  tune into nature and the rhythm of the planet to  calm the body and mind developing  a sense of love for the world we live in, love for the body we live in and to develop a sense of belonging, we all have a purpose, our power is in the present moment, this is your time to recharge and connect. the root chakra sits at the very base of the spine, at the cervix, it represents our physical manifestation of core energy, the adrenal glands, feet, legs, bones and spine are governed by this chakra, imbalances in the neck, large intestine and knees may also be associated to this chakra. in balance. we feel safe, secure, alive, accepted and stable, out of balance. we are fearful, rigid, restricted, held back, tired, weighed down, unmoving. represented by the four petal lotus and the colour red and the deity Ganesha, the elephant god and remover of obstacles.

Foods- root veg, pulses, breads any heavy sweet foods, herbs liquorice, comphrey.

Aromatherapy oils – base rich oils – patchouli, cypress and vetivert – 5 – 10 drops added to 1tsp full cream milk added to the bath or in an oil burner.

Crystals – red jasper, smokey quartz, obsidian, ruby and red jade – can be worn next to the skin ar kept in a pocket or around the home.

Your Root Chakra may be out of balance if….You have frequent health issues, ongoing financial issues, you feel scatty, restless and anxious, you become un-grounded easily…(Too little energy in the Root)

You feel heavy and lethargic, you have gained weight, you are fearful of change, you are obsessive about your routines (too much energy in the Root)

Root Chakra Quick correspondence guide.


Element—EarthFunction—Survival, grounding

Rights—Right to be here, right to have

Symbol— Four Petal Lotus with a downward pointing triangle and an Elephant (Ganesh)

Life lessons—Patience, structure, stability, security, manifest your dreams. Standing up for oneself

Main Issues— Survival, physical needs

Area of body governed—Bones, skeletal structure


Physical Ailments—Osteoarthritis, weight problems, haemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, degenerative arthritis, knee trouble

Crystals—Agate, Bloodstone, Tiger’s eye, Garnet, Ruby, Hematite, Onyx, Rose Quartz, Smoky quarts

Musical Note—C

Seed Sound—LAM pronounced lang

Ruling Planet—Saturn, Earth

Incense/Aromatherapy—Cedar wood, sandalwood, patchouli, myrrh, musk, lavender and other earthy scents.

Tarot Suit—Pentacles

Tree of Life…Gaia…Ganesh


I am perfect as I am, my deity does not make inferior beings.

I am taking responsibility for my life.  I can cope with any situation.

My body is becoming more important to me, I nurture it constantly.

My inner source is always here guiding me.

I deserve the best in life, my needs are always met.

I can create my reality in any way that I choose to channel my energy and thoughts.

I am the creator of my reality.

I can manifest everything I need and want just by placing my mind on it.


Evaluating your Root Chakra…

Simply answer YES or NO to each of the statements below.
If you score more than four Nos it may indicate that your Root Chakra is imbalanced. If you score four or more YES answers, wonderful! You are balanced in the base centre.

Δ I exercise regularly.
Δ My diet is healthy and balanced most of the time.
Δ I’m comfortable with my level of prosperity and abundance.
Δ I take the time to visit nature on a regular basis.
Δ I feel good about my body.
Δ I feel happy about how I earn my living – it is satisfying and
Δ I focus on today – I feel connected and grounded to what I am doing
at the time.

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