Daily Self Care Ritual

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“The first hour of the morning is crucial.

How you spend it will determine your experience of the rest of your day” Louise Hay

During Peri Menopause and Menopause, we can have days/ weeks/ months where we feel a little fragile, unbalanced and generally out of sync with ourselves, as we transition, one of the hugest shifts in our lives, becoming a Mother being the first!!

As i am experiencing, these times come in bouts, with flu like symptoms, achy joints, more hot flushing than usual, tired eyes, tired body and just generally low in energy and mood, this is all perfectly normal and part of our bodies adjusting to the lowering of hormones in our body.

So what can we do? Well for me, first and foremost is taking extra time to rest, get to be d earlier, daily walks out in Nature really helps to lift the mood.


A lovely daily Ritual during this time is warm oil massage, this can be done in the morning, or after a soak in a lovely nurturing bath, i find rose oil lovely and a few handfuls of epsom or sea salts, let the water soak away any aches and pains, any emotional heaviness.

Place a couple of cotton wool pads, soaked in rose water to calm tired eyes.

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Place a pot or small bottle of sesame oil on the radiator to warm through, you may like to add a couple of drops of essential oil

My body is loving the following oils at the moment.

Geranium essential oil –  emotional balance –  stability – calming

Cedarwood – slows – grounds – anchor you into the earth –  calm strength.

Grapefruit – honouring your body – lightness of heart – bringer of joy

Juniper – protection – purification – cleansing

Lemon – uplifting – refreshing – tired skin

Vertiver – grounding – stabilizing – calming

Juniper & cedarwood is a lovely grounding blend.


Get Grounded…


Massage the bubbling spring point/ Earthing point, on each foot.

“Bubbling Spring or Earthing point?”
Here is how I think of it:

Kidney is the Yin Organ of the Water Element.

Springs are where fresh water emerges from the ground.

Water nourishes all life. When we bring conscious attention to the bubbling Spring point, it is possible to receive energy directly from the Earth.

The Kidney meridian becomes a passageway for Earth’s energy to rise from our feet all the way up to our chest.  Along the way, this Qi nourishes our legs, reproductive organs, digestive and urinary organs, lungs and heart. All of the vital organs are infused by the nourishing energy of the Earth, transformed into flowing Qi of Water.

A daily practice:
Stand comfortably, soften your ankles, knees and hips. Bring your mind to your breath. Check that your head, eyes, jaw, shoulders and back are relaxed yet toned. Drop your mind to your belly where your breath comes to when you inhale. Now, feel for bubbling spring point on the bottom of your feet, and then feel the Earth from this point.

Breathe, feel, notice, and allow Kidney  to open to the Earth.

As Louise Hay writes

“How you start your day is how you live your day. How you live your day is how you live your life”.  

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