The Feminine Moon

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The Moon Energy…Calming…Feminine…Creative…Balancing energy…

The soft silent guide that emanates calmness, peace and tranquility upon our world…

When we reflect on the purpose of the Moon we see it’s magnificent influence on our lives. It controls the mighty oceans and rivers, our own bodies consist of 70% water, the effect of the Moon upon us, as a result, is far greater than we will ever realise…

The Swadhistana Chakra is predominantly a water center and water is related to our emotions, this means that the Moon plays a major part in our emotional response to life, experiences as attachment, when we let go of attachment, we become free..

The way we think and our capacity to change and adapt to life, depends on the balance of this center…

new moon

At the time of the New Moon, the Moon is actually hidden from view. This is the beginning of the Lunar cycle and is a rebirth and regeneration of energy.

It is a more restful calming energy though and becomes more active closer to the Full Moon.

This is a good time to explore new projects and goals you wish to see through.

New Moon energy lasts from the day of until 3 1/2 days later.

This is also the time to plant new seeds.

Intro to Living & Eating with the Moon Phases……..The Personal Nutritional Rhythm.

When we eat is also dependant on the phases of the Moon, When the Moon is Waxing (filling up) 2 weeks to Full, the same eating habits and quantities much more frequently give us the feeling of fullness, and we put on weight more easily than when the Moon is on the Wane (2 weeks as the Moon returns to New).

At this time the body is also much better at absorbing nutrients, supplements and sunlight, but also toxins.

Observing our eating habits during the Waxing stage can be very supportive for our energy levels during the waning stage, taking on lots of healthy foods, supplements, having Aromatherapy Massage or therapies during the Waxing phase is the best time for the body to absorb.

Avoiding sugar and processed foods during this time will be beneficial.

During the Waning Phase (2 weeks to New Moon) we can often eat more without immediately gaining weight, this is a time of letting go so our bodies are not so quick to absorb, a great time for facials and any sort of extraction, leg waxing etc, this is also a good time to have menstruation is during this phase as the body is naturally releasing.

In addition, at the Full Moon and the New Moon, these are both times for  being still, perfect for Meditation, becoming still and a juice or fruit fast,

At Full Moon the body stores up too much and at a New Moon the body’s capacity for detoxification is at it’s peak, on this day it directs all it’s energies towards cleansing and detoxification, and freed from the task of digesting food, it can get to grips with it’s reserves and the poisons that may have accumulated within us. Where as the New Moon is a time of letting go, so our body’s are naturally set up for detox.

Full Moon 7

In the 3.5 days of the Full Moon we are likely to be feeling a little quirky due to being Full of Energy… you may have a tendancy to snappiness..

If you are working with a cleanse on the Full Moon, i thought i would share a few ideas and recipes here. (Preparation is key, especially if you are working)
Start with an intention, if there is anything, emotionally, mentally or physically you would like to let go off, this is a potent time of the cycle to do it.
A beneficial day for a cleanse, or fast, here’s a few ideas
Start your day with some warm water and a squeeze of lemon or lime, half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and half a teaspoon of raw organic honey.
Before your shower, body brush, sweeping strokes from the feet up towards the heart, for a couple of minutes to get the lymphatic system flowing.
You may like to do a gentle Yoga practice or a Meditation, the emphasis today is about relaxing and being gentle and kind to yourself.
For breakfast,before 8am (i do this the night before) chop up a couple of apples and pears, a few prunes, figs, sultanas and apricots, the grated peel of an orange, a squeeze of lime and a little apple juice, sprinkle with cinnamon and bake in the oven until soft..
Drink small cups of ginger or fennel tea in between meals.
Lunch is before 1pm, tarka dahl is perfect, portion size should fit into your open palms,with a few light steamed veggies
And tea is just a light soup, maybe Pea and Mint,
maybe putting your Crystals out to charge before a soak in an epsom salt bath with a few drops of Lavender oil, and a foot massage with warming sesame oil and an early night, or you may like to wrap up and go out in the Moon Light for a Moon bathe beforehand.

Yoga practice should be cooling, and quietening, not so much twisting now, forward bends, Child pose, Yin postures especially beneficial, gentle Moon sequences to balance the emotional body.
A good time for a fast, and also great for taking nourishing supplements, too.
A time for reaching he potential of youe Goal setting of the New Moon phase, maybe a good time to look at what has worked during this phase and what didn’t, and start thinking about new Goals for next New Moon.
If your plans have come to fruition, don’t forget to congratulate yourself on your achievments.
Not a good time for and surguical procedures at this phase as we will bleed more profusely and not good for tooth extraction either.
The body is in peak absorption mode so definately cut back on any processed foods, you may find hay fever and general congestion especially tricky at the moment, due to the body absorbing more than usual, (pollen).
Miss out on soaking in salt baths for a few days and stick to showering, as your body will absorb and chemicals in the Water supply.
We are likely to be extra Intuitive at this time too, so make the most of your Meditation practices and tapping into your gut feelings about situations, people and your own inner Wisdom.

Don’t forget to charge your Crystals outside on the grass overnight

The Waxing Gibbous Moon….The Moon is half Full, and this occurs around 10 days after the New Moon. It may appear as though there is no movement or growth at this time, Stay hopeful and optimistic at this time as the environment is preparing for the Full Moon. Checking off your to do list and tying up any loose ends, patience may be tested at this time.
Physical exercise is essential to help balance the building Energy in your body.
(We will be Saluting the Sun with some strong standing postures added in and a little grounding in Yin Yoga for balance this week)
be mindful of what you put into your body this phase as the body absorbs more, whether good or bad!! No Cake made with Love!!
This is a time for building a strong foundation physically, mentally and Spiritually
(We will also be practicing the lovely and grounding Prithvi (Earth) Meditation this week)
Listen to your Intuition and to what your body needs, and follow the guide of your inner wisdom…Your body knows what it needs if we take the time to listen…

The Waning Gibbous Moon this week is a time of releasing…letting go of that which is no longer serving us. a great time for detox of our body, but also our emotional baggage..holding onto anger, negativity, resentment & blame affects our health and well being, we can be as healthy as we like, our diet may be clean and we may be disciplined in our daily lives, but if we are holding onto unresolved or strong negative emotion it is like holding onto poison within.

This next 2 weeks should be all about freeing up space, for  forgiveness and release.

Our Yoga practices should be nourishing and a focus on self love, self care and release…Lovely gentle Yin Yoga & Flows like Moon Sequence, Twists and side bends should be included also to focus on the element of Water would be great to create a sense of flow in our bodies and in our lives, in Relaxation & Meditation we may use visualizations of water washing over us, cleansing and clearing any emotional blockages, water is a powerful and transformative force.

Finish with Alternate nostril breathing is lovely to bring balance too..

Upping our intake of fluids, epsom salt baths are great, maybe adding a few drops of lavender or rose for self love and balance.

Food intake can be varied through this phase as we are less likely to be holding in our body so less likely to gain weight…cake made with Love may be a sweet treat at this time.. This next 2 week period is a great time to start thinking about intentions we may want to set for the next New Moon…


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