One Daily Ritual

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One Daily Ritual

I believe in one  Ritual a day.

It creates a solid center. Flow. A clearer energy field around you.  A sense of connection to something greater than yourself.

My strong ritual at the moment is of shakti breathing.

Starting the day in my body, not in my head, sets the tone and frequency for the day ahead.  I’m less reactive to the distractions around me.

Gentle shakti breathing welcomes more prana, life force energy and connection into the cells and genes of my body.

The healing and releasing process is activated.

Shakti Breathing…

Sit comfortably, take a couple of deep breaths to settle yourself..

Create the Yoni Mudra and hold at the lower belly (womb space)

images (61) yoni mudra

Drop all your attention down into this space.

Begin to gently circle, as if sending roots deep into the Earth, with the inhale drawing her stabilizing energy up through your energetic roots to nourish and stabilize you for the day ahead…With each out breath letting go of any stale energy from yesterday…Staying for 5 minutes or until you feel calm and stable and ready to start you day…

Wishing you a beautiful day….Namaste

“Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday…And all is well”

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