Daily Ritual…Center & Balance

3 women


After shaking out & Figure of 8 Come into Mountain Pose with feet hip width apart
Bringing awareness to yourself, becoming more present with your body, your breath, your emotions, allow yourself to settle here.
Begin to slightly deepen your in breath and slowly allow the arms to raise out to the sides bringing the palms together overhead into Anjali mudra (prayer position), breathe out as you draw the hands down the center line of the body in front of the chest, with the intention of calling your energy back, re aligning yourself with your Heart, awareness dropping from the thinking into the feeling, take your time, make the movements slow and graceful, let them be an honouring of yourself.
Repeat a few times until you feel yourself calm and centered.

Hold a thought of gratitude in your heart for a few moments, allow and inner smile to rise from your heart, into your face, into your eyes and into your beautiful day ahead, knowing today will never come again..Namaste….(The Love & Light in me bows to the Love & Light in you….We are one..)


Infinity Swing………..Figure of 8 Movement

Balances the left and right hemespheres of the brain, allows you to be fully present inthe moment, unlocks energy reserves and brings energy and circulation to all the muscles, joints and organs.

Warm up with a little shaking out.
Rub the palms together to activate energy in the palms
begin to energy sense, drawing the palms apart and together until you feel a slight magnetic resistance as you visualise a ball of radiant energy in the hands.

Begin to move the ball of energy in a figure of 8 in front of the body, expanding the movement, step feet wider, taking the movement, towards the floor, overhead, to the sides until your whole body feels alive, awake and ready to start your day.

Come back to standing with feet hip width apart anchored to the Earth, breathe deep into the belly, observe how you feel, smile, and get on with your beautiful day ahead.

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