Awakening the Wild Woman Tribe


 Awakening the Wild Woman Tribe ….

I’m reading a book called Womb Wisdom, it talks about the Awakening Woman and using her creative energy to create new ways of living,, long lost in the business of life……………….Guided by my own inner compass – My Intuition, i have been guided to create a space for Women to come together as Tribe.

My mission has always been to create space for Women to relax in, this is where all the Magic happens, this is where the Wild Woman awakens to her Truth, without the masks, the conditioning & harshness of competition, this is where we awaken to our authenticity , the beauty,the softness, the vulnerability, the loving, kind beings we were born to be………Where curves are accepted and movement is soft and flowing, allowing us to step into the softness of the Feminine Energy, Why would we want hard bodies? We are meant to be soft, Sexy and Womanly and accepted as such. There should be No competition within Women, just Tribe, loving and supporting of each other, where we have nothing but kindness, love and support to give each other, where we help each other break the wheel and succeed in our creative ventures, A Trusting tribe, with no judgment, this is what Tribe means to me, this is my mission to create this, i am so grateful to have created a tribe of beautiful, strong and couragous Women who have woken to their light and light the way for others to do the same………………Welcome to the Tribe

An extract from the book………………………..

“The Womb is your Feminine Centre,Door to the Web of Life giving Shakti connecting all beings in pulsing, magnetic life force Gateway into the Beloved Womb Consciousness is the birthing of the Return of Feminine Wisdom,birthing conscious creations for a New Paradigm, and birthing the New Children
She is a timeless bridge into our full human evolutionary potential, missing until Now
Womb Consciousness is a living, breathing container for Sacred Relationships and the depths of soulful intimacy we all yearn for
The Womb is the foundation of Woman, primordial, rich soil of original love, strength, space and power
A Woman’s magnetic foundation, She opens through currents of dynamic life-force and pure feelings weaving through body and soul,activating an innate love to arrive into the roots of your humanity,allowing heart to safely ground and bloom into innocence

In this dance of life where Love and Shakti merge within us, we Become part of the Web of Life…………Womb Wisdom

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