A Candle Meditation for Empowerment

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A Candle Meditation for Empowerment.
Best done in the dark, but not crucial. Have a Yellow Candle and sharp scriber handy.
Sit comfortably, think of a power word or quality, scribe the word, or words, into the candle.
Eg…I am Dynamic…Energy…Confidence…Health…Radiance…Courage…Self Worth…Strength…etc
Light the candle, take a moment to ground yourself with a couple of deep breaths.
Feel your Solar plexus area, (just around the navel and slightly above) and imagine that this flame burns there aswell, allowing the two to connect.
Feel the warmth and let the image of the fire burn it’s way into your consciousness until you can close your eyes and still retain a vivid image of the candle flame.
Now think of the power word you have written, and imagine it burning in front of you, let the fire and energy of that word come to you,
imagining the flame igniting that energy within you,, bring that energy into the Solar Plexus, and let it’s energy move throughout your whole body, you may want to add a deeper breath here to transport this energy.
Once you feel infused by the empowerment of the word, take a moment to breathe into your body again, ground yourself, you may like to squeeze your legs, tap over your head and face.
Affirming to yourself
“I AM” and your Power word
And on with your day…Namaste :)

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