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Hello beautiful one, welcome to Radiant Woman®

Here, I would love to share with you the ethos of my work, shared through my love and passion of  holistic living, yoga & dance.

After the life changing event of losing my Mum to Cancer in 2015, her death became the catalyst to inspire me to create space for Women to Relax in.

Mum was committed to her family and friends and lived a very busy, hard working life, not always taking time out for herself, not expressing how she  felt, always putting on a brave face.

Through my observation of her cancer and how she had lived her life, and how I had also been living mine, i realized that, as Woman we often feel guilty for taking time out for ourselves, taking time to relax is often the last thing on our to do list.

Through my teachings i came to realize that only in this place of Relaxation can we give our bodies the right environment to Heal.

In the place of Relaxation we Remember that Life is not a race to get to the finish line.

Life is not about rushing around blindly.

We Remember that Life is precious.

Life is to be enjoyed, an adventure, and way too short to live otherwise.

Life is a Gift to be lived with Grace, Gratitude and Love.

My love and passion is to inspire You to step into your radiance, to be the best You can be, to move forward in Life with Confidence, strength and Grace.

My aim is to create communities of Women who support each other to live consciously, to guide Women to awaken to their truth, their beauty and the strength of who they are.

It is my joy and passion to share the benefits of yoga, meditation, relaxation & dance with You.

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